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Thread: Billing issue

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    Billing issue

    I'm very upset about this
    Mine IGN: Killer2410 from sv39 of hero charge
    This issue started from 12/8 till now
    I Can't buy any pack of gem in the store, it keep showing me "The Trade Cannot Completed"..."Cannot Connect To Itune store"
    But if you follow the bill that i have take pictured
    -21.... VND that is about over 1 usd(sr because my english is not that good to translating those bill into english)
    So pls help me out with this, why can't i buy gem and if i can't why my bank plus service keep showing me that mine money keep reducing after i buy the 9.99usd gem pack.
    And the admintrastor can check the system that mine gem stay the same and still vip 5
    Thank u for reading this, pls help me out

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    Dear Leader,
    I’m very sorry to hear about the inconvenience.
    We've investigated many time about this issue, but it doesn't appear to be an issue with Heroes Charge itself. It seems to be in the connection between the App store app and the Apple servers.
    One thing I suggest to people is to sign out and back into your Apple ID in your iPhone/iPad's Settings under Store.
    In general, it’s best to contact iTunes Support for these issues. People have also reported success with logging out and back into their Apple ID or resetting their Network Settings on their iPhone/iPad.
    You can also try to reboot your iOS device and make purchase again under a more stable internet environment. Thank you!

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