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Thread: An interesting way to kill AS

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    An interesting way to kill AS

    I just happened to find it. The enemy AS teleported to my AS. Not Commando or VS. This was because I did not fully equip & enchant my Commando and that makes Commando’s intel lower than AS’s intel.
    Commando +3 has some stupid items that increase intel & magic power which I believe completely unnecessary. So I did not equip the Jarchin Ruby.
    So what happened is: enemy’s AS will teleport to my AS while my AS teleports to the enemy’s intel hero. That not only makes enemy AS stays in the frontline but my AS will also be able to dodge that attack.
    This at least works well with my team & gives me huge advantage when facing a team with AS.

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    If only i can share/ rewatch booty matches where i fought against an insane team which i thought was nothing.. he doeant have a commando but had 5* of everything, this was his team: psychopath, deathmage,oldcurse ,frost, mystic. His dm and oldcurse wreck so much havoc that my lunar cant hit more than twice before she dies from DM aoe crit.. holy fk.. made me think twicr about dm.. my team was just a standard wc oc com luna ls.. their dm dealt the most dmg

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