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Thread: [Feedback] Heroes SS Drop Algorithm (MUST READ)

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    Exclamation [Feedback] Heroes SS Drop Algorithm (MUST READ)

    About 5 weeks ago I made a post about the heroes soulstone drop issue. The uCool admins said they'd inform the developers about this, yet until now, the drop algorithm has not been changed yet! All admins do is just tell us they would inform the developers about our problems, but they actually don't? I'm getting extremely frustrated over this soulstone drop issue, and I believe many others are suffering the same problem.

    My proposal for the heroes soulstone drop algorithm:

    1st Try: 33% drop chance
    2nd Try: 66% drop chance
    3rd Try: 100% drop chance


    1st try: 33% drop chance
    2nd try: 33% drop chance
    3rd try: 33% drop chance

    This second algorithm is simply unacceptable.

    Using the first algorithm, we'd get at least 1 soulstone in 3 raids. I wish the admins would take this seriously and not pass it off like my previous post about this same topic.

    Thank you,
    Old Curse

    **I do not wish to offend anyone in this post, I might've been a little rude, but forgive my abruptness.
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    Not sure if a new thread will make any difference. I'm already done with this issue. Sadly the current algorith sucks and there's nothing to do.

    Just let it go guys.

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    I have noticed kinda of a "pattern" which happens i would say 80% of the time. For example for WC SS they drop in Chapter 1 , 4 and 7. If i raid them i should get 3 SS in total, but if i raid chapter 1 three times and i didnt get a SS and i raid chapter 4 and got 1 SS and if i raid chapter 7 three times i will get 2 ss which makes the total still 3.

    Anyone feel me here?

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    They read, then they ignore

    If you're lucky, they'll tell you the developers say everything is fine

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