First of all let me start out by saying I leveled 4 servers to 40+. My main account turned out to be my first one and only one I focus on now because of the heroes I was able to draw. I got the monthly card today but feel like I just wasted all my gems rolling chests when I could have focused on leveling instead. I always had ice mage and professional killer three stars. I decided to go for shallows keeper and got him 2 stars. I stopped playing for a month so I'm way behind the top but I got enough gold to max my heroes. Then I got a dk from crusade and maxed him. Ever since I can easily clear crusade sometimes without mercenary. I love the versatility I have with my two strong front liners. When dk is overpowered in a battle, I throw in shallows keeper and their synergy is powerful. I don't really need a healer. My commando is soon to be 4 stars and she does decent dmg with stuns plus the buffs so shes a main heroe. Professional Killer usually does the most dmg and he helps down tanks without giving the enemy splash energy so hes essential. The other slot sometimes two is also for dps and I almost always use emberstar, but sometimes I like Leaves Shadow because of ice spark. If I have to dampen the enemy I throw in Leaves and Ice Mage. Ice Mage is never my option for dps. Machinist is crucial even with 1 star to take down a brute with emberstar. I have other heroes like vengeance spirit that I sometimes use too, but sometimes using high dps heroes can create defensive vulnerabilities because they spur the enemies energy up. If I plan to attack with ice mages ulti I usually throw in vengeance spirit too, and if I need to protect dk and the enemy is squishy, I can use petrify. I hear chaplain as being uber important, but maybe only one or two battles to get a health recharge.

I recently acquired poisoned one 3* but don't see a need to level him. I've been working on getting warchief, but dint see a need for him other than backup because shallows keeper can really take a good beating. I love facing war chief because he goes down faster than any tank besides admiral and by the time he gets up half their team is down.

My only questions are which heroes are good to support my strong front line with damage disruption or avoidance. I am thinking I could use an old curse for that purpose, but I'm not going to farm him. I had a windmaster o other accounts and she did great dps, but I don't think I need her with my current setup. I'm afraid to climb ranks because I get through crusade good as it is. Does anyone have some advice for me? I'm dissapointed about the dk critiques. Dk protects my squishy dps heroes and supports my punching bag tank. I can't imagine not using dk anymore.