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Thread: Server 35 Rec Indonesian and all player

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    Server 35 Rec Indonesian and all player

    Hi we are Bintang guild based in Jakarta

    currently we are rec all players favour most for all indonesian
    we spoke english and indonesian
    welcome to all player
    our guild id 58990

    join our line grup by adding my Line edwardhutama

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    Masterplan IP:110024818

    Hi! I'm currently forming a Guild called Masterplan. We will be recruiting players of lvl 50 and above. our aim is to recruit players that are very skilled and active. I would love to make this possible and that we make a great progress in the future

    Back in 2002, when smartphones wasn't invented jet, i was playing Tibia, one of the first mmo's out there. i was getting pretty good at
    what i was doing and later formed the guild Masterplan, the idea was to recruit the very best players on the server. minimum level was 60
    and you had to be very good at what you where doing to be accepted into the guild - as we were later on going up against the best Guilds on the server.

    A few years later we became one of Europes best guilds, with players between level 100-400 (there were only a few people in the world who was over 400). we were unstoppable in other words.

    That guild was a very big part of my life. as we had allot of fun! so this guild is in honor of the great players in the world of Tibia, and the players who helped me to form Masterplan!

    IP: 110024818
    Hope i see you there, we will reqruit low lvls in the beginning and later higher the lvl cap

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