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Thread: Why does the admin not help me in any of my post

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    Why does the admin not help me in any of my post

    im here to make another complain! Why haven't admin attended to me? All my game glitches are not fixed!!!!!!

    Today I have another glitch. I won a battle and wasn't given his ranking

    Game I'd 4763375
    Server overseer

    My other glitches are that games got consumed multiple times and it hangs ands not even refreshed. For elites. Arghhhhh. Why is there so many many glitches and no one to help me?!?! I lost so many gemsssssss!!!!! I just bought so many!!!!!!!!! Please attend to me. I'm super angry and pissed off already. And I'm a VIP. Doesn't it mean anything ? why is the support so bad

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    Dear Leader
    Sorry for the inconvenience. The developer told me that there will be a small chance that the rank doesn't change after winning a battle. That's because some one was attacking the player while you attacked him. And then the attacking player won the battle before you. In this case, your rank won't change even if you win the match. We know that it's not consistent with Arena Rules 7, we will remove that rule in the next update. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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