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Thread: TIPP: What hidden stat is taken in consideration to be the first Tank?

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    Hero, you should calculate for all tanks..

    Then wait for some to use vanguard and screw up you formula

    Just joking. Well the dynamics of the game is more of finding the correct composition of hero to defeat the opposite team. Of course everyone knows where each hero stands. They have already been shown to you in front,mid and back categories. Also if you select the team, you ll get to see who is the most front by looking from right to left after that. Took me less than 5 secs to understand who stands where.

    If you want to write a paper, first you need to pose youself the question. What are you trying to solve. Then whats the current expectation and ur hypotesis. Problem is you are doing this kind of pointlessly as you are not correctly looking at the right variables to determine what would lead to victory in the arena.

    You are kind of looking at something which has been pre programmed and fixed as the number of heroes is not infinite and trying to use a wrong reverse engineering assumption to solve a non issue.
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