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Thread: [Server: 7] United Unions ID:6658 50+ active members.

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    [Server: 7] United Unions ID:6658 50+ active members.

    Hello guys, my guild United Unions is recruiting ACTIVE members from level 50 to do instances and play together.

    Everyone is free to join if you have the level and you are active.
    ID: 6658

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    Hey you still recruiting if so let me know. I currently have my own guild and my own chat server with razor comm but for the past few months my guys have been very inactive and I can't seem to recruite anyone but I really don't want to give up my guild or chat app. So I was going to see if I join with you could we still use my group app I do have my own server password protected for the guild i can give everyone info on it and my room does have rank structure and admins however but I would give you full access to admin but I would need to keep admin myself as well.. Your officers could have some as well but not all. If you are ok with this let me know and maybe we can work something out thanks

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