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Thread: Need some help setting up my team

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    Need some help setting up my team

    Hello, i started on this game a few days ago, i am finding it very fun, is not that easy i thought, need your help for focusing in not many characters.

    I have at this moment:

    Professional Killer *** green +1
    Ice mage ** blue +1
    Admiral * blue +1
    Cleric * blue +1
    Lighting Master * blue +1
    Machinist * blue +1
    Leaves shadow * green +1
    Chaplain * green +1
    Emberstar * green
    Rifleman * white
    Mystic * white

    I ve received the last 2 today.

    I know ppl uses differents teams depending if Arenas, Crusades.... That i will try to do in the future, but for now, i want help to know which characters i should focus on them. Any kind of help would be really appreciated. A "ranking" of my heroes, team sugested... whatever.

    Thanks so much for help in advantage and excuse me for my english, it might be not good enough.

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    There's some standard teams to use in crusade and arena. Campaign doesn't really matter much. You just have to use whatever can get you through that stage.

    Crusade: DeathKnight, Old Curse, Chaplain, Commando, Succubus/Wind Master/or any other DPSer. This could be your before purple skill team. After purple you may want to change some hero's or you may not.

    Arena: War Chief, Lunar Guardian, Mystic, Commando, Leave Shadow can work quite well.

    You can just use any 5 hero's you want at your point and try to get to level 32 so you can farm crusade. Farm Soulstones from Elite Stages. Do the 10x Gold chest when you get 2590 gems.

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