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Thread: Is poisoned one worth the investment?

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    Is poisoned one worth the investment?

    I have purple poisoned one... Currently im running a team consist of wc,oc,wm,commando, and po... Im considering leaves shadow as her purple skill is great... Suggestions needed... Thx before

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    i like leaves better than poisoned one and I'm level 45. With leaves purple skill defiantly prefer her over poisoned one. Her silence comes in handy too much.

    poisoned one is just better for raids.

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    LS is a must Imo, attk is huge across the board.
    But if you can get poisoned to 70 he'll really help raid dmg with armor debuff.

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    You want to use Poisoned One for Guild Raid I guess?

    Currently I'm lvl 46 and have hired a Poisoned One for one guild raid.
    I did 39k dmg.
    Without Poisoned One (LS instead) I did only 33k dmg.

    I think in future the dmg gap will get larger.

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