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Thread: Purple +1 Hero/Item Level Up Information

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    Purple +1 Hero/Item Level Up Information

    Bit bored at work today so started to plan for my future teams upgrades. This included what items I still required, the priority I felt the hero deserved and also when upgrading them to their next level would be best. Of course this is just my oppinion, and im not convinced some heros should even be leveled to Purp+3 because their items get worse in some cases.

    It is literally what I created, so may be a little confusing I guess but on the off chance it helps anyone out, here it is:

    As you can see I only feel that 2 heros should instantly be upgraded to Purp+2, and most upgraded only when the last item is obtained.
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    interesting, and about the hero that should be improved as soon as possible purple +1, for example I heard that for the chaplain was not as necessary as that.

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