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Thread: Why apple support denied and Ucool support ignore my refund request??? Please help.

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    Why apple support denied and Ucool support ignore my refund request??? Please help.

    Few day a go I had a request to refund for ucool, and I followed the instructions by contact to Apple support. They considered my request but it still declined. This is their reply:

    "Thank you for waiting with me, Khoi. I reviewed your account thoroughly, and your request for a refund in this case was carefully considered; however, we are unable to provide a refund in this instance. I apologize for any inconvenience. "

    "Although iTunes is a marketplace for game apps and in app items, only the developer of these apps themselves has the ability to provide and manage in app items as well as in game playability. In order to see about gaining these in app items or compensation itís necessary to contact the developer of this app directly. The developer may at first ask you to contact iTunes by default but they are aware of these conditions. I would encourage you to be persistent with them, and try contacting them again"

    Then I keep trying to explain to them that is refund policy of ucool, I can get refund any purchase anytime when I felt unsatisfied. But they still answer:

    "I understand, Khoi, and I do apologize for any inconvenience there. However, we have reviewed your account, and a refund was considered for these purchases, but has been denied. The app developer will be your best option going forward with this issue, so be persistent with them, and let them know the problems youíre having and that we will not be providing a refund for this. If they can offer further help, Iím sure they will, so definitely stay in touch with them about this."

    I've sent mail to Ember to ask about this issue too. but still dont have any reply.

    So please tell me, who will take responsibility for my request?

    I have 2 chacters:

    Server 18:
    ID: 3030805
    Name: [VN]KoliaN

    Server 10:
    ID: 2018935
    Name: KoliaNguyễn

    Expect your responsible answer

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    Dear thaiwww,

    For iOS users, we regret for the inconvenience that there is no refund interface for us to make the refund to you directly, which means we are unable to issue a refund due to this policy.

    We appreciate your understanding in this matter.
    Thank you for playing Heroes Charge.
    Best Regards

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