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Thread: account recovery

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    account recovery

    So, i played on my iPhone and i was level 51, but when i played here on android tab, i thought i could still login my lvl51 accpount but sadly i started over from level 1... Is there any means to do so that i can still continue my lvl51 account? How and what to do? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    I'd say you have to take this to other forums (like in-game issues if you haven't spent cash, maybe billing issues if you have). Check if there's a form you can fill to get in touch with the devs, as they probably don't even bat an eye at this subforum.

    Probably would work if you synced your accounts, but there may be an issue with that (maybe you shouldn't be able to access your account from two different devices simultaneously, in which case you need help from the devs to transfer your acc).

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    Dear Leader
    Sorry for the inconvenience that we don't support cross-platform account transfer at the moment. But our developers started working on implementing it now. It might be able to be released in version 1.5 update. Thanks.

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