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Thread: LV39 Lowbie needs some help on selecting heros

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    LV39 Lowbie needs some help on selecting heros

    started the game a week ago, been reading forum 24/7, still need u guys` opinion.

    VIP4 Planning to buy LAST 10x gold chest and then never $$ again.

    team level 39

    Current lineup
    3* Windmaster 28/22/5
    2* Emberstar 25/20/1
    2* Executioner 30/20/1
    2* Commando 28/37/3
    1* Shallow 22/20/5

    1*Chiplan 38/10/5

    1*Rifleman,admiral,leaves,mechanist left untouched

    Beening farming WC and Shallow everyday still need 20 left, should i sub rifleman in and take out Emberstar? i feel like the Emberstar + executioner single target ULT works well to finish people off, but the rifle man physical dmg + AOE seems tempting too
    let me know what u guys think on whats best/who should i farm/tips

    Thanks for reading

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    Let me say you something, you wrong if you understimate Leave Shadow & Chaplain.. Both of this bitch is worth to keep his skills max all the times.. Leaves with his Silence skill that shut the foe magic for short time while Chaplain Aoe heals is priceless for Crusade.. For me farming to get Shallow is trash while the War Chief and Old Curse is the main reason i been farming everyday..

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