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    Hello. I would like to return my funds, which my 4-year-old son accidentally spent clicking on the screen of the smartphone, when I looked through the cost of the sets in my currency. I do not need what was bought by mistake, I did not spend anything from the purchased one and did not use it. Terrible situation. I apologize for it. The money is big for me and I ask you to cancel the purchase and return the funds.

    My contact info:
    Game: Heroes Charge
    Google account:
    Account names: Puffnooteey
    Account IDs: 28542870
    Servers: 212 Eye of Blue Dragon

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    hello ember
    I would like to report a problem, today my son accidentally made a purchase in the game. I do not need this purchase, I would like to receive a refund of my money. I apologize for my negligence, but please help me, thanks
    game: Heroes Charge
    ZEEFOX: id 28743093
    server: 214
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