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Thread: 22 hero team, need advice - pre purple.

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    22 hero team, need advice - pre purple.

    LVL 49 team, how to next?

    Heroes on this account: - ordered by power descending

    -- this are below --
    Sniper 1*
    Psychopath 1*
    On all other account I didn't had DK and I had better tank for Arena: Brute or SK at least 2* and didn't had Old Curse.

    This account has Arena rank 5200, so only 100 coins / days
    Guild coins: 240 / day?
    Crusade coins: 300, 600, 1000, So 600/day lets say.

    Until 100 arena coins are the reward I can't plan anything there, maybe get old curse to 3* from 2* in one good day.
    Maybe upgrade DK to 4* or get Panda, anyway it is far away 3k coins.

    At guild: Lunar 3*, Brute 3* ( but farmable) , Shallows Keeper (farmable), Succubus 3*( farmable), AS.
    I like the AS, some are using at Arena, but is a new hero, not so popular then Lunar, and he got an "AS killer": the Rifleman.

    DK for crusade is ok, WC for Arena and I like the LE , that's why I think I shouldn't take Brute or SK. There are reasons too why to take: if at Crusade it happens to have a wipe, then the front is wiped, not the whole team, so the front need replacement.

    Crusade resources are the most abundant.
    - I have the Commando at 3* already, not sure if it would be a priority to have it at 4* or 5* takes a large amount of resources.
    once I did a Crusade with Soulhunter hired and I liked it, maybe he is not so good at LE, but it was nice.
    I am thinking for future: get mystic and frost mage to 3* , Soulhunter is a front and is mage and I can include Old curse / Ice mage for a full mage team. Maybe death mage from January.

    A full agi team it would be: -for raid
    LE, Comm,LS,AS/Sniper, Poisoned

    Some posts, which has influence on my decision:
    About Poisoned One:
    Quote Originally Posted by Incubus101 View Post
    Better use him on guild raid specially on boss stage. I'm always having top damage on raid in our guild because of poisoned one

    About raid:
    Quote Originally Posted by Akhilleus View Post
    Formation in raid depends on the enemy you face at the stage.
    You may neee to use Physical, Magical or AOE dmg for making max dmg. So check the enemy first then choose your team. There is not only one fits all formation in raid instances
    Quote Originally Posted by greybomber View Post
    Commando is too short term boost to use
    Quote Originally Posted by Uber Star View Post
    The tip in raids is going straight for an AGI team with WC for lifesteal.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
    Yeah the top dmg dealers of my guild are running a pure agility setup, but theres a guy 4 levels lower than us thats doing extremely well with savage one as tank, must be something with armor reduction I guess

    Windmaster not good after 60? but I see ppl using him at 70+
    Quote Originally Posted by Stern View Post
    Poised One is only good in raids.. he is pretty useless in arena and crusade. Windmaster is not the best late game hero, after level 60 she really falls behind other heroes
    Later Crusade needs other tanks:
    Quote Originally Posted by flexr View Post
    After purple promotion, Crushade becomes significantly harder because
    a> Great jump in physical dmg output. Tanks now melt in seconds.
    b> Higher enemies hp threshold. AoE cookie butter may not work as effectively.
    b> WC makes fights fights 6v5.

    So in order to clear Crushade successfully, you need to devise a different strategy, the 5 men line up DK + Chap + 3 will not work all the time anymore. You need at least 8 heroes with max skills for constant rotations.

    1> Choose the heroes you want to invest and start lvling their skills up together with your main heroes whenever you have spare money. List of good heroes to choose from:

    Main tank - (Most important tank who can heal) - DK
    Meat tank - (Use US once, then die for the team) - Shallow Keeper, Savage One, Bear Warrior, WC
    CCs - (Disable/Cancel enemies spells) - Vengeance, Mystic, Old Curse, Silencer
    AoE casters - (Main source of dmg) - Death mage, Succubus, Windmaster, Ice Mage, Frost Mage, Lightning Elemental
    Backline destroyer - (Destroy enemies strongest DPS) - Arcane Sapper, Pilot
    Support - (Heal keeping the team alive) - Chaplain, Shadow Shaman
    Quote Originally Posted by Uber Star View Post
    "Jack of all trades, master of none"
    Since I don't want to pay ( max monthly card in best case) I think I will not be in arena very top place.
    Until don't nerf DK, change crusade I don't need 5-8 tanks.

    The hardest part now is the Phys trial: missing the Pilot, Sniper not leveled, SK, Mountain is low, no Brute / warr monk.

    NOW at Arena for defence I am using:
    WC, OC, Comm, Ice Mage, Lightning Elemental.
    At attacking it depends what has the other team: I am using AS if I found a team with mages.

    At cave this account allows 4 defence ( VIP 5) but I am not sure if I want to dream about upkeeping 20 hero as free / monthly.

    I really like Admiral from 2* - I found a nice combo, I would use it everywhere if I would have it at 3*
    I really like LE, now I have maxed his skills.
    Ice Mage froze 1 tank / front, I like it.
    I like the Pilot and the AS too. AS needs Cleric + DK sometimes.

    I have 4390 crusade coins, so I can buy a Pilot, Frost Mage or Wind Master or upgrade Mystic, Comm, LE, where would you recommend to spend it?

    I know uCool will make change until I level up slowly to 70-80, but how should I go to Epic+1/Epic+2?

    Please share your idea how would you level it up for free / monthly card and explain the reasons.

    Thanks in advance
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    Allow me to be the first to say... wut?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skinnay View Post
    Allow me to be the first to say... wut?
    For example you could recommend
    for arena :
    War Chief
    Old Curse
    Leaves Shadow

    and the reason it would be "because others using this"

    - and for Crusade: DK+Chaplain+Com+Old Curse+? , and reserves hero1, hero2, hero3, for... reasons.

    - and for raid: hero4, hero5, .... for whatever your reason is.

    - and the Crusade coins should be go to Commando 5*
    - arena coins to old curse
    - Guild coins for Lunar
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    my opinion...

    old curse
    leaves shadow for silance
    +1 dps of ur choice

    at lvl 51 when ur warchief is purple swap mountain

    old curse
    leaves shadow
    and chaplain ofc

    at lvl 49 i guess u can keep chaplain at ur setup instead of leaves but at higher lvls u will want to have some backup heroes
    and u will use ur chaplain based on ur heroes hp and not all the time...

    below purple LE is really usefull at the crusade BUT u need to know when to time his ulti so u need to try and keep it fully or allmost fully charged
    at the end of each battle... if u fail to do so this hero is useless... his ulti got massive aoe dps that hits allmost all heroes... good for fast clearing battles...

    and for raid... i have no idea anyway raid enemies will probebly melt u until higher lvls (i assume that because they do that to me )

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    Thanks Donelle,

    Added screenshot with heros, so it is easy to see now the war chief is really close to epic and I think hard to make a lvl 35 mountain tank 49 and gear and train it fully for 2 levels.

    About raid:
    - forgot on which account - lol - but first time I fought until time elapsed, then at second chance killed 3.
    Until now I was wiped out in 20-30 seconds. I think it was at the other free accounts, where I have higher level heros ( epic war chief and so on)

    About LE:
    - I have started a thread, where I made a couple of screenshots where LE in epics can cast 2x his ulti in Arena. On free accounts I don't have LE ( I mean which I have played) , but always hired him for Crusade if I couldn't find a DK. - thats why LE is one of my prefered.
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