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Thread: Lost Windmaster Shards

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    Lost Windmaster Shards

    Hello Ucool,

    Yesterday I have Had 116 windmaster shards, and after the bug I have a lot of shards, so I have bought a package of 60 Windmaster shards in the martial merchant. And when the bug has been fixed, I have lost 60 shards, so I can refund my windmaster shards and lost my Sword master shards (x3) it will be nice. You can see this shards in my invents.


    Maxtorls - Sniper Server 5
    Maxtorls - Sniper Server 5

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    Dear Leader
    We are terribly sorry for the items lost. And we've just restored your 60 Windmaster Soul Stones. Please let us know if you still have anything missing which is noticeable to you. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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