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    Logging in

    I attempt to log in and I get to the loading screen. I then get to step 5/5 with 100% and it doesn't bring me to my city and continues to try and keep downloading. I then get a message basically saying that the loading is taking a long time. So I let it sit and keep loading. After an hour I come back and its still not done.

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    I getting same problem I just reported in tech

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    Let me know when they say something please.

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    It's the standard Evony support and development. They seem to only announce after the fact, maybe this game is over. Based on my history with evony in a few days I'll be able to long in and it will be treated as if noting ever happened. I hope they don't wonder why I will never give them money when they can't fix glitches or keep servers running.

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    We apologize for the server down issue. It is now up again.

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