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Thread: The Visit Player function has been destroyed by the last patch

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    The Visit Player function has been destroyed by the last patch

    Whatever changes were made to the "Visit" function should be erased.

    It barely works now and can be guaranteed to cause a program lockup, probably another stack error.

    Associated with this failure is the new problems that occur when right-clicking on a player's name in chat:
    The Check Profile function is not working at all. Looks like a broken link or a null function running behind the button.
    The Whisper function causes the user's chat box to fail in anything other than private chat. It apparently becomes stuck in that mode.
    I can't believe these problems are too difficult to debug in less than a day.

    The Visit function was one of the ONLY controls that did not seem to have any problem at any time during the beta test process until the merge of the 3 empires. This means that the source of the problem should be very easy to locate.

    If it can not be located, then simply return to the previous version of the function.

    Hopefully the code has not been written in such a way as to produce tangled interdependencies.

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    Hi, the visit player function seems Ok on my side. Can you check it again? Or we'd appreciate if you could give a detailed explanation. Thank you.

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    Hmm, Raymond, do you have a recommended tool for doing videos to show off issues? Sometimes a picture (or moving ones!) is worth a thousand words. I'm thinking that it's OK to post to Youtube and post the link here at the forums?

    If not, many, many Evony players use Skype and they could show you through the desktop sharing. There's also a website (need to go look it up) that has remote desktop tools that don't require the user to install anything other than the browser (which of course they have, being on a browser game site, hehe).

    Found it in the list at I was using GoToMyPC to help a friend with his system. Doubt random users want to subscribe, though. Most of them need a subscription or installed tool, or are only for some operating systems, sadly.

    Ah, looked further and found Google's Chrome Remote Desktop plugin. At least it's not too onerous and uses one-time keys so no one has to worry about security problems. This means it's unlikely to be blocked by antivirus/antimalware software.
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    No answer, oh well.

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