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Thread: Kudos to the dev as well as admins!!

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    Kudos to the dev as well as admins!!

    Hi admins/devs/people behind the scenes

    I have no idea where to post this but i am really grateful on the effort u guys put in towards us, the players, and trying to maintain an overall balance btwn the paying as well as the casuals. Great update btw, and superb stuffs overall (nice animations,journals even booty cave is flawless). Also thanks for listening to us, and improving constantly as well as fixing bugs rather quickly (very important in a online game like this). Just wanna get this out to u guys. Thanks you.

    *PS, screw the captcha box LOL. Ihad to type 4 times to finally be able to succefully post this.

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    Dear Leader,
    Thank you for your compliment. Don't forget that everyone is part of this game.

    Heroes Charge is so lucky to have fans like you who take the time to contribute new game ideas and help others for improving our game. We value your feedback and perspective.

    Every leader should be respected.

    Have Fun!

    Best Regards

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