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Thread: Question to Ucool about vip status

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    Question to Ucool about vip status

    Hi Ember Betty and Allen.

    Most of the time i come with a lot of complain but this time is not.I truely apologize for recently immature complain.

    Now let me ask my question.
    Now am in server 6 with vip12 in this account.
    By the way,I just realized its impossible to chase arena rank here with top10 on this server.
    My question is can i transfer vip12 status and all the gems on hand.and start all over in new server since the begining.I willing to start all over again if its possible for you to transfer vip12 status.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    PS.i really enjoy this game and i will continue support you anyway even vip could not transfer but if you could do me a favour i have plan to upgrade to vip13-14-15 gradually

    Best Regard


    UTC Time: 8 Nov 2014 11:49:37 GMT
    Game: Heroes Charge
    App Version: 1.3.6
    Obb Version: 24
    PlayerID: 1550567
    ServerID: 6
    PlayerName: [TH]Maxz☆
    Category: Game Play
    Language: EN
    Device Type: SM-N900 - ha3g - samsung
    OS Version: KOT49H.N900XXUDND2 SDK 19
    Additional: IsMnt:1;AIDPre:768a6e2148897099;IMEIPre:3527460616 55074;AIDSave:768a6e2148897099;IMEISave:3527460616 55074;uuIDPre:352746061655074;DeviceID From Web:VzeAhaIhi6EFQrwO;

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    We do understand this issue and would like to express our sincere apology, for accounts still cannot be transferred between servers.

    Best Regards,

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