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Thread: Gems should be more cost efective

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    Gems should be more cost efective

    I've purchased the monthly card, and renewed it...i would purchases way more gems if only they weren't so expensive.

    Sure, the monthly card has the "over time" disadvantage, but if you take into account vip points and total gems its not even close to the others.

    My sugestion is to make a diamond monthly card (with similar price-reward) or just give better (more cost effective) gem packages.

    $2.99 for total 4000+ gems and 300 vip points vs $4.99 for 670 and 150 vip points...

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    I also only purchase the monthly card. I also bought once the special offer but the normal offers are realy realy expensiv. 4,99 equal to 7$ for 650 gems? No way <.<

    New price list

    4,99 = 600 Gems
    9,99 = 1.400 Gems
    14,99 = 2.500 Gems (since Itunes card is here 15 25 and 50)
    24,99 = 4.400 Gems
    49,99 = 7.500 Gems
    99,99 = 16.000 Gems ( i mean common how the fuck spends 100)

    For me in thise case the 9,99 would make sense cause i can add a montly card to it.

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    I feel like the gem prices are fine. You have to pay a hefty premium to get the gems now, rather than later. Plus, having such a useful and cheap item in there that you can only buy once a month encourages people to spend at least $3 a month on their accounts to reap the benefits. I would, however, be in favor of more monthly card options.

    Such as $3 for the current 120 gems per day, $6 for 200 gems per day, $9 for 300 gems per day, etc.

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    U are commenting based on urself as a player, these are really just common market pricing strategies for a company.. u pay less for a "package" but of cos u will have the benefit over time... or u can pay moreeee to have the benefit right now and be a tad faster than other players. Your choice. and this works alot of the times bcus , well greed.. players who wanna achieve, who wanna dominate would definitely spend hefty .

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