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Thread: [Suggestion] Cross Platform

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    [Suggestion] Cross Platform

    Hey there, I strongly suggest that the devs try making the cross platform feature available.
    Noticed a lot of players here, including me, is facing that problem and all the post has one reply.

    "Sorry for the inconvinience" and thats it. Many players has put in a lot of money into the game and I think the dev should at least work on this feature. All the major games out there all have cross platforms, so I strongly suggest that the devs start working on it.

    We players all put our money into this game because this is a fun game, and we do expect some better service back. I know this game is pretty dependant on the community's opinion, I just hope that this opinion wont be taken lightly. I dont want to see this game go down before its even done shining.

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    This is a first problem for uCool. Work please... You need to solve this problem first.

    After version 1.3 - 1.4 or new characters bla bla...

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    Apple would take out from iTunes instantly

    Quote Originally Posted by xiaodimsum View Post
    Hey there, I strongly suggest that the devs try making the cross platform feature available.
    But it is cross platform!
    It is made with Cocos2d-X, and you have it at iTunes and Google Play too.

    If you mean you can't play THE SAME ACCOUNT on both device: which game allows that, which is published at iTunes and Play Store.
    - if one of that allows that is against the Apple TOS and uCool can report it and the next days is taken down from both market.
    -if uCool would allow you, then in a few days would taken out from market, or every game could allow it , because Apple has changed the TOS.

    Try to write a letter to Apple and explain as you payed in-app purchase and Google took the 30%, but please allow me to play on your store's game. Good luck with that
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    Years ago when I played CC, players were asking for cross platform, the answer from developer was: Apple do not allow cross platform (iOS <-> Android), they don't want to lose their customers.

    I don't think it's hard for cross platforms, even iOS, Android, PC, Playstation, Xbox, etc. (for example a game can play on all platforms), all data is stored in Server, your on-hand device only need to read account id, level/stamina/items/heroes/etc. belongs to that id (that already done by developer).... actually cross platform is not more work to do, only need to comment out device-checking-function = done. However Apple in smartphone world is like Walmart in retail field, you need them to sell your stuff but they don't need you, never go against their policy.

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    Dear Leader,

    We have read through your views and we do understand your concern.
    Our developers have noticed this issue and we will try our utmost to realize this function in the future(considering its complicated terms and designing methods). Thanks again for your attention.
    Best Regards

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