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Thread: lv50 Cleo's miracle heal

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    lv50 Cleo's miracle heal

    I'll show lv50 Cleo's miracle

    1.before heal (1m 55s)


    u can see orange Hp bar ele

    2.after heal (1m 53s)


    u can see upper circle green +20624 ans left +18826

    2 star 4ele 5 star 33 wiz and with lv 50 super cleo u never lose to battle

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    a little info on the person screaming "cheat"

    ok ok ok lol, first things first. i have to bring this out here cuz i find it funny.

    this player is one of the biggest cheats in the game.
    1. first id like to show you a screen shot of her plunder rank. (she is #5)

    notice the 3.8 bill res plundered lol? ive checked other realms and its 3 times higher then ANYONE i could find

    2. the second is her new found general rank. i was #1 on my realm for over 6 weeks she blew by me in 48 hours. not by 1 lvl but by 2! lol, those that battle honestly for comander lvl know that its hard to do, and that some use "macro" programs to do so

    3. the 3rd thing id like to point out is the MAXED out city, now i know alot of ppl have maxed citys. they either use lots and i mean lots of cash, or lucked out and won gems when the wheel was hot. this player claims to not have bought gems, and got everything from plunder (refer to the first point)

    so you guys be the judge, should they be on here "screaming cheat" just because their maxed out city can be beat?, or you think shes mad cuz we stoped her "farming" dead in its tracks?

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    funny Taxz

    1. come to here i'll show u how to
    generals energy full takes 6hr
    if u play 18 hr and 4 generals u can attack in match 160 times(except when general lvl up >> gain energy)
    every 1 hit gain 150k res u can get 24m res per day
    around honor 0~300 with 0~50 troops can one hit(spar can hit no troops plunder)

    >> dont say u cant 160 times hit
    when i explain to Darkjustice, he understand but u seems not

    2. these day u use your super Cleo
    you hit me with cleo over 50 times and not use spar

    >> dont throw away your spar because he is not super
    and use general exp and double general exp

    plz say how to get super Cleo can fill full ele's HP instantly and how ur 2star ele hitted by lv6 traps can alive(they just hurted only 10% HP)

    i ask Evony make my Cleo's super heal too
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    Cheaters arguing with cheaters over who has the most unfair cheat. : D You might as well just learn each other's cheats and quit complaining to Ucool. They stopped caring long ago about cheaters on this game. Have you not noticed development has been shelved? Heroes charge is doing very well though, they are hard at customer service on that game ; ) They love those customers. check it out lol!

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    Well, I just came to know about this game and I don’t know the basics of it I tried to see the tutorial from internet but it didn’t help much. Then I found some tutorial here reviews and It helps somehow but still, I need more help about it I will be pleased if someone helps me.

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