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Thread: <Batbros> needs members! server 24

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    Lightbulb <Batbros> needs members! server 24

    Hello, Count Nydal here, we are a Guild on Ice mage Server, (24) That are in need of more members, for active Raids and such, we are currently on the First raid, but itīs going,, but i need more members, 46++ i myself is lvl 53, please join! Guild id 30081
    some facs, Batbros is my old Guild from World of warcraft, i started it with som friends and we did well, played on Emeriss-->Frostmane!
    Mostly pvp but also Cleared icc 10hc, we stoped playing after Wotlk.

    // Guild leader Count Nydal! server 24 ice mage!
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