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Thread: [Suggestion] Arena Stats

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    [Suggestion] Arena Stats

    Hey all, I was just doing my arena battles and decided to check out my stats. I realized a little something that maybe the game developers could add. I can see the damage done by individual heroes, that's really nice, but it would be better if there was actually a 'total damage dealt' column.

    So I was thinking if the game developers would be able to add that feature it would be really great!

    I hope game developers might consider this suggestion

    Thank you

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    I could see why you might want something like this, but at the same time, it's not that hard to just add up the 5 numbers quite easily in your head. Even if you don't have a calculator or anything handy, just round the numbers (i.e. 7,200 + 21,500 +7,600....) and add them up and you'll get a pretty good idea of your total damage done. While I'm not against the idea, I just feel there are more important issues to be addressed first.

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