Hello everyone...

I am new to this game guys so I went through forum very quickly (have three kids so dont have time to read everything carefully) and I saw some ideas about the game. I am 2 months old Heroes Charge player and spend few pounds on it (because i think was worthy for the sake of developers anyway) and I think that most important for the customer (I mean potential player in this case) is to have fun. As long the game gives me fun I am willing to play and even pay to play. I have notice strange way of drop rate of everything... Let me give you some ideas (and I know we have this issues around the forum - I am sorry to upset you guys doing this again):

There are few types of drops and we can see them in our inventory. For the beginning I would like to mention soul stones. We can only get them by doing elite runs/rides through instances or events (crusades/arena/guild). We are able to run 3 times before reset (24 hours or manually paying crystals). I have no idea what is a rate drop for soul stones, but let me be honest with you... it's frustrating. I failed on Crusades a lot, couldn't get far in arenas for weeks, but this is nothing to compare with non drop of soul stone of desire hero. I know that owners of the game must earn money but let me suggest something:

There are three runs so:

round 1 (30%); if fail, round 2 (30%), else 20%;if fail, round 3 (100%), else 10% (percentage can be adjust, they are just random figures)

This idea gives players at least 1 soul stone from instance. If you are so afraid that people will get stones to soon, make it clear that we will definitely get 1 stone per instance. But my idea is not to bad. Let assume there are 3 instances of 1 hero.

1 start hero: 30 (2*), 50 (3*), 100 (4*), 150 (5*) == 330 stones to make it 5 stars. If you find a player who doesn't contribute to your game it will take years for the person to complete your game. With a little bit of help from chests still will take a person a long time to do it. On the other hand person who will be very lucky run bring 3 stones per run. I repeat: very lucky, because it will be less than 15% chance to gain a stone per each run. Will it make them overwhelming others? It happens already with people who has more money or spend more than others. It can be also modify by checking the team level vs instance level and make the % lower or higher. Of course my idea is for people who would make an elite run (3 times per instance) once a day without resetting it. But this is also attraction for you guys, because you might add to that; every 1000 gems spend on elite runs or generally on anything will increase stone drop rate by 1%. It can be a ladder so 1k, 3k, 5k 10k etc...

As I said... soul stones and collecting them is a most fun for me in this game... and when I do 9 runs and get nothing it is very disappointing , I am sorry but it is.

And by the way... you can easily do this with items, usually it takes 1-5 runs (normal runs) to get purple gear (or a piece of it), but as I said this is just a suggestions... fill free to comment

Good luck guys...