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Thread: super Cleo and elepant?

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    super Cleo and elepant?

    lv47 Cleo hit me with 2 star 4 ele and 5 star 31 wiz

    my town all full upgrade except farm and mine

    lv47 cleo get 100% destruction and i found something strange

    my 5 traps hit lv47's ele but cant kill no one(when trap hit ele, it's energy decrese only about 10%)
    >>> 3star ele's HP 45,600(i dont know 2star ele's hp) and lv6 trap's demage is 60,000

    when ele's HP under 50% lv47 cleo heal ele, and ele's energy fill full instantly

    I try to test my lv81 cleo with 4ele and 34 wiz but my lv81 cleo's full upgrade heal was cant fill 10% of my ele

    is it possible super cleo and spuer ele?

    1. before heal-1 (1m 35s)


    2. after heal-1 (1m 33s)


    >>> before heal u can see orange HP bar under 50% HP ele
    but 2sec later all ele's HP full

    3. before heal-2 (39s)


    4. after heal-2 (36s)


    >>> before heal u see orange HP bar but after 3s all ele's HP full

    5. end of war


    i place 5 trap in the middle and most hit ele but as u see all ele are alive

    6. super ele


    >>2 traps hit ele but ele's hp decrese about 10% no one die
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    did you check the stars on the elephant and Cleo?
    They both can have mayor influence on their strength.

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