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Thread: well i have deleted a general by mistake (Queen)

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    Unhappy well i have deleted a general by mistake (Queen)

    i have deleted a general by mistake and ask for admins help in that matters, its really hard to play with just 2 generals, and i have check invasion box to get back queen but no luck,

    i have asked admins help to get back queen with all abilities unlocked .. but yet i haven't got my queen back in general list, i have request query regarding this matters before one an half month ago.. but haven't got my general back,

    i think admins should help me in this matter..

    thanks, god bless you all and have a bless time a head.

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    The admins SHOULD help you. But they probably won't. Accidental deletion has been brought up in the past, and to the best of my knowledge it's never been undone.

    And, of course ... they no longer pay ANY attention to CoE.

    Best hope for you? You'll get REALLY REALLY good without Cleo.

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