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Thread: Crusade Improvement (Remove 3/4 hero stacking)

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    Crusade Improvement (Remove 3/4 hero stacking)

    I think anyone players with less than 5 heroes should not be placed in the crusade so as to prevent playing 3 or 4 heroes much higher level but with a theoretical power level around yours. It's so frustrating!!!
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    I totally agree with you, but would like to clarify something. This is not the player choosing this lineup; the game chooses heroes seemingly randomly from a random player's lineup and equates the power depending on what section of the crusade you are on. And yes, it is INSANELY frustrating!

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    It is incredibly stupid. I usually go 13+ out of 15 in crusade daily and today pretty much my entire roster of heroes wiped by the SECOND stage.

    I'm level 59 with my main 10 heroes nearly maxed out and I had to face a team with 3 level 64's and 2 level 1's for the first stage. Then on the second stage I faced off with a team with 4 level 62's.

    By then all of my purple heroes are dead and for the third stage all I have left are level 40-50 blues and of course the third stage I get matched up with 5 level 53's; a team I could've easily beat if my main heroes weren't dead.

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