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Thread: New crusade supply depot

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    New crusade supply depot

    I know that the most want to go 5* the wind master or the command but i dont think that anyone want 5* mystic or pilot....noone use them...and the items...6 heroes icons and 6 items??? so i suggest
    8 heroes icons 4 items to buy in crusade and change pilot and mystic to put other characters such as Master Mage or Vengeance Spirit or Silencer ( silencer will be really good)

    To sum up its like wind master commando lightning elemental imperial executioner 4 items and 4 new heroes please make some change its like routine we need some changes to UP other char...

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    I actually gave a shot to mystic and I am very happy with him. I want to get him to at least 4*. Also from my experience pilot》wr.(I really regret spending cc on wr) I agree though with more heroes to buy stones for at crusade shop.

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