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Thread: Testing out heroes!

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    Testing out heroes!

    I think it would be good to add some kinda of testing of any heroes on max skills (based on your lvl) and max equipment (based on your level) so you can test that hero and see for yourself if he is worth investing in. Because people watch what heroes the high level vips and the top ladder players use for their team and they dont even want to think about other heroes. Because if you can test heroes with max skills and max equipment and not loose money that would be amazing and people will figure their own setups and not copy the top players. This will bring variation, knowledge on all heroes, experimenting and many more without loosing money(in-game and real life) This will be good for all kinda players. Because there is no pleasure in unlocking a new hero when you know that you are not gonna use him and keep him at lvl 1.
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