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Thread: Regarding translation issue in Norwegian!

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    Regarding translation issue in Norwegian!

    Dear Leaders,

    We have released a new version that provides for multi-language support however there are a number of translation mistakes that have been caught in Norwegian. We feel terrible about this as we were responding to our leaders in requesting Heroes Charge in their native language. Thank you for the feedback from all our leaders around the world.

    We’re glad to see there’s so many enthusiastic players who are willing to improve the huge task of translating and we really appreciate your help. It reminds us that we’re all walking together as we enjoy Heroes Charge and make a game we all truly love.

    Please express your ideas and improve our translations in this thread. For those leaders who desire to help in translating, we’ll think of an interesting reward to show our sincere thanks. thank you for your assistance and feedback!

    Best Regards,

    Heroes Charge Team

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    Coins= Mynter
    Gems= Juveler, I would use Krystaller as in Crystals. as it sounds better and we dont really use the word "Juveler", mostly used as "testicles"..
    Stamina= Stamina or Energi, Stamina is correctly translated but we mostly use Energi.
    Signin = Sjekk inn
    Sales = Salg
    Enchantment =Trollbinde is like spellbind or Wizzard bound. Fortryllelser is more like "your blue eyes captivated me", " You enchant me, etc.
    Guild = Gilde should be Klan, ( Gilde is a brand name used by the Norwegian meat processing company Nortura on its red meats, including pig. )
    Merchant = Butikk as in store, Kjøpmann does not feel right. you could you "Handelsmann" as in trader, but Butikk would be best.
    Arena = Arena
    Time Rift = Tidsrift would be most appropriate, Tidskløft or Kløft is commonly used like cleavage for breasts..
    Mailbox = Postkasse is the mailbox outside your house. Postboks/Postbox is a collection box at the post office. (Either is correct but please use Postkasse regardless.)
    Campaign = Kampanje, Korstog as in Crusade)
    Chests = Kister
    Prøvelser = Øvelser is like practise/trials. Prøvelser is more like "hes on trial for jail".. Both correct, I would go for Øvelser.

    Drop down menu on right side:
    Heroes = Helter
    Inventory = Inventar
    Fragments = Fragmenter(A pieces of ~) is correct but does not sound right. Another word is "bruddstykke"(broken pieces of ~) stick with Fragmenter for now.
    Quest = Oppdrag
    Daily Events = Daglige oppdrag as in daily quests, "Daglige arrangementer" is correct but does not feel right.

    1. Great that you translate to so many languages!
    2. Preety much every word or sentence is translated wrong on all parts of the game.
    3. About 95% of the items, fragments and hero names need to be renamed in Norwegian...
    4. If you want, send me the name/picture of items and I can help translate/rename it. I dont have access to all items and its a big pain to go trough items on the phone.
    -Example; I dont even remember the gnomeshop name, and I used 200 stamina to try to unlock it. I just remember its quite a bad name in Norwegian.
    5. I only translated a few words on 1 page/part of the game, and see how many error there are, imagine how the sentences are.
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    I can also help with norwegian translation. As well as with the english translation, which is honestly not that great either.

    To start off:

    The chest text is phrased pretty weirdly, "10 x åpne gir deg minst en blå gjenstand/helt" would sound better as "10x kister gir deg minst en blå gjenstand/helt".
    Bronze chest = bronse kiste
    Gold chest = gull kiste

    In the crusade rules text, it says "Dypt i Amun Toldags haller besitter en tapt nøkkel en tapt nøkkel", which makes no sense. Im not sure who possesses this lost key, but i assume its not a lost key. This is also in the english translation, and it doesnt make more sense there.

    Guilds should be laug

    Most of the item names, heroes, and campaign chapter descriptions have some awkward phrasings and typos. I can help out with the translations, just give some more specifics on what you want translated.

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    Inferno should be Helvete.
    Used Google Translate.

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