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Thread: Regarding translation issue in German!

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    Regarding translation issue in German!

    Dear Leaders,

    We have released a new version that provides for multi-language support however there are a number of translation mistakes that have been caught in German. We feel terrible about this as we were responding to our leaders in requesting Heroes Charge in their native language. Thank you for the feedback from all our leaders around the world.

    We’re glad to see there’s so many enthusiastic players who are willing to improve the huge task of translating and we really appreciate your help. It reminds us that we’re all walking together as we enjoy Heroes Charge and make a game we all truly love.

    Please express your ideas and improve our translations in this thread. For those leaders who desire to help in translating, we’ll think of an interesting reward to show our sincere thanks. thank you for your assistance and feedback!

    Best Regards,

    Heroes Charge Team

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    Localisation issues

    Great job so far. Most things were translated well but I think you need some more qa time

    On mobile right now so will only post a little bit.

    The replay button in arena is translated as Wiederholungen which is fine but too long. Use "Wiederh."

    In the hero select screen the back button is translated as "Zurück" which is wrong. Use "Hinten" instead . There is also a "Hinten" button in the replay function use "Zurück" instead.

    Don't have access to my phone right now so I'm not 100% positive on the next bit, but in the guild screen the "officers" are called "Presbyter" I believe. I've never heard that word before. You can just use "Offizier" instead.

    There are some more but posting from mobile is really tedious.

    Thanks for reading!


    Ember: 4th skill tool tip not translated.
    Poisoned one: 1st skill tool tip not translated
    Enchanting: after picking hero field where items appear before selecting an item not translated
    Guild: rename Gastgeber to Gildenmeister. String should barely fit.
    Crusade: rules white text needs to be reformatted; doesn't fit properly. Typos in yellow text. können instead of könne.
    String "verbleibende Chancen: 0" too long. Consider using only "Chancen: 0"
    Sign in rewards: clicking on Prämien the tooltip is not translated.
    Vip benefits: most need reformatting as they are to long.
    The prompt to buy stamina for gems is not translated.
    Avatar select screen > tip: remove "höher" it's unnecessary.
    Support faq: some strings need to be reformatted as they are to long.
    Mercenary screen: tooltip fields not translated, confirmation prompt too long, rules need reformatting and some are badly translated.
    P. S. You guy are awesomely quick!
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    bump for visibility

    Sorry for being unprecise but I'm on mobile again and typing all this is a pain.
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    The 2nd Place in my Mercency List is still in English. "Mercenaries are paid with coins by hour, other members in the Guild can pay coins for your..." the rest ist not readable

    In german it means "Söldner verdienen Gold pro Stunde, andere Mitglieder in der Gilde können für Gold deinen Söldner anheuern."

    Enchanting field "Click here to open inventory to add materials. " should be in German "Klicke hier um dein Invetar zu öffen um Material hinzuzufügen."

    Herostats == "Magischer krit. Schlag" and "Physischer krit. Schlag" should be better rewrite in "Magischer krit. Treffer" and "Physischer krit. Treffer"

    Succubus GS "Giftschneid" in "Giftschneide"

    "Gildenmeister" is the correct word in German for Guild master not "Gastgeber" (lol)

    thats all what i wanted to say atm
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    Complete translation for Booty Cave

    I translated the completly Booty Cave Rules in German. I will post it in some hours if im at Home.

    Here the translation for the complete Rules in Booty Cave:
    1. In der Booty Cave kannst du nach Münzen graben.
    2. Du kannst eine Höhle mehrmals angreifen, jedoch kostet dich jeder Angriff Brote. Die Leben und Energie werden nicht zurückgesetzt bevor eine ganze Höhle besiegt wurde.
    3. Wenn du alle Verteidiger in einer bestimmten Zeit besiegt hast, kannst du die Höhle einnehmen und nach Münzen graben.
    4. Neu eroberte Höhlen bekommen eine bis zwei Stunden Schutzzeit und können während dessen nicht von anderen Spielern angegriffen werden.
    5. Du musst Helden zum Verteidigen in die Höhle schicken, um so mehr du geschickt hast, desto schneller werden Münzen produziert.
    6. Du kannst Helden die du in eine Höhle geschickt hast immer wechseln.
    7. Wenn du die maximale Anzahl an gefundenen Münzen erreicht hast, werden sie dir zurückgebracht.
    8. Wenn du besiegt wirst während du nach Münzen gräbst, wirst du vielleicht ein paar Münzen verlieren. Die anderen Münzen bleiben bei dir.
    9. Manche große Höhlen werden von mehreren Spielern verteidigt. Du kannst deine Gilden Mitglieder einladen die dir helfen deine Höhle zu verteidigen. Alle die helfen eine Höhle zu verteidigen bekommen auch Münzen.
    10. Die Helden die du zum verteidigen losschickst bekommen am Anfang eines Kampfes extra Energie.

    This is the translation in German.
    Hope I helped you with this.
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    Exclamation Language issues

    So i saw this thread and the struggle about the language is sometimes more than real :b Here are some better translations

    At first, you should translate "Signin" to "Prämien", the others are hard to find a short, better german version for so you could just let them stay as they are as they won't be anyone complaining as they are used here, too.
    Next, the navigationbar at right should be also translated : Heroes to "Helden", but this is also as optional as Sales and Events ; Inventory to Inventar ; Fragments to Fragmente ; Quests should stay as it is ; At the last one you shall decide between "Tägl. Events" or just leave it be.
    Then there is an issue at the Enchants, where you should translate "Click here to open inventory to add materials" to "Klicke hier, um Material(ien) aus dem Inventar hinzuzufügen."
    The next one is the Ranking, where you shall translate "Ranking" at the top to "Rangliste", "Real-time Rank" to "Echtzeitrang" and "Rank" to "Rang" in general. Also in this menu, there is a Booty Cave tab at left, where you should change "Ausgraben" to "Ausgrabungen", "Plunder Rank" to "Plünderrang" and "Coin Dig Rank" to "Münzsammelrang". You should let 1st, 2nd etc as it is in english numerations, because you can't use it in german this way you do in english.
    At the guild menu, you should translate "More Guilds" to "Mehr Gilden". Also you should change the picture of the Free and Coin Worship because there it is also written in english. Also, the language indicator of your guild is left in german, you should change "Country" to "Land".
    Next on the list is your "Refresh" button, which can be left unchanged or translated to "Erneuern" or "Aktualisieren". Also, the Merchant got translated in the main menu, but not as a caption when the merchant is opened, you should also change that.
    The Time Rift isn't translated at all when you open it, so here is a list:
    "Tidal Temple" to "Gezeitentempel" or "Tempel der Gezeiten", which is more formal.
    "Dwarf arsenal" to "Zwergenarsenal".
    Also the caption needs to be changed.
    You could change "Difficulty" to "Schwierigkeit".

    Next, most of the mails you get ingame are also in english, so maybe you should also change that. Maybe an offer?
    Here is also a list for the trials, which should be actualized:
    "Crashed Hill" to "Zerschmetterter Hügel"
    "Cursed City" to "Verfluchte Stadt"
    "Valkyrie Showdown" to "Walküren Showdown"

    Also, the crusade caption needs to be actualized and the Tips could be translated, also here my suggestion:
    Maximiere / Max Kaplans erste Fähigkeit und verzaubere all ihre Rüstung.
    Du kannst dich immer zurückziehen und von neu beginnen.
    Benutze soviele Helden wie möglich in den ersten 5 Kämpfen, um ihre Energie für spätere Gegner nutzen zu können.

    Meistbenutzte Formation:
    Formation von Helden unter Level Lila:

    Formation von Helden über Level Lila:

    So, that's it, I hope it helped.
    Greetings :-)

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    Booty Cave, Outland Portal

    Here some translations for Booty Cave and Outland Portal. More will follow.

    Translation for different Booty Cave Screens:

    Booty Cave = Schatzhöhle
    Buried Chest = Vergrabene Truhe
    Dragons Treasure = Drachenschatz
    Dragon's Booty Cave = Drachenschatzhöhle
    Goblin's Booty Cave = Goblinschatzhöhle
    Goblins Treasure = Goblinschatz

    Invite = Einladen

    Annihilated = Zerstört

    Dig = Graben
    Plunder = Plündern

    You cannot dig more caves = Du kannst keine Höhlen mehr graben

    Found a buried chest guarded by enemies = Vergrabene Truhe entdeckt die von Feinden bewacht wird
    Found a dragons cave guarded by enemies = Drachenschatz entdeckt der von Feinden bewacht wird
    Found a goblins cave guarded by enemies = Goblinschatz entdeckt der von Feinden bewacht wird

    Logs Screen:
    attacked your buried chest = attackierte deine vergrabene Truhe
    attacked your Dragons Cave = attackierte deine Drachenhöhle
    attacked your Goblins Cave = attackierte deine Goblinhöhle
    Looted = Beute

    You successfully defended your Cave for %d times and get the reward below = Du hast deine Höhle erfolgreich % mal verteidigt und bekommst dafür folgende Belohnung:

    Battle Screen:
    Auto Fight = Auto Kampf

    After Battle Screen:
    Victory = Sieg
    Failed = Besiegt

    Battle Report:
    Attacker = Angreifer
    Defender = Verteidiger

    And now for Outland Portal

    Outland Portal = Aussenwelt Portal

    Northern Dragon = Drache des Nordens
    Frozen field = Gefrorenes Feld
    Freezes nearby Heroes but does not affect flying heroes = Vereist nahe Helden. Gegen fliegende Helden wirkungslos
    Winter's Heart = Winterherz
    Resists most of the controll skills = Resistent gegen die meisten Kontrollfähigkeiten
    First Victory Reward = Bonus für ersten Sieg
    Please select flying heroes = Bitte fliegende Helden auswählen

    Future Prophecies = Zukunftsprophezeihung

    Raged Blood = Wütendes Blut
    Burning Phoenix = Brennender Phönix
    Lord of Caves = Höhlenmeister

    Thats for it in the moment. More will follow.

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    For the Outland Portal:

    Bloody Frenzy = Blutrausch
    Sacrifices his own HP and deals damage = Opfert seine eigene LP um Schaden zu erzielen

    Undefeatable = Unbesiegbar
    Has high HP and resists control skills = Hat viele LP und widersteht Kontrollfähigkeiten

    Please select heroes with healing abilities = Bitte wählt Helden aus die Heilen können

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.jpg 
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ID:	3233Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.jpg 
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    Geschwindigkeit x pro Stunde(n) could be replaced with "Tempo x pro Stunde". The (n) is wrong, it means "per hours" but it should ne "per hour" = "Stunde".

    And "Hinten" is wrong. Hinten is the translation for "at the back". "Zurück" is back.

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    Thanks for all your feedback!

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    still untranslated parts (part 1)

    Hi Ember,

    Here are a few pictures of Bootycave, Trial, Time Rift and Outland Portal in the German version. The translation is still missing inside the features. So there is a correct translation in the main-screen:

    But as soon as someone's opening those Features like Bootycave, Trial, Time Rift and Outland Portal...there are still Missing Translations inside the Background Design like:

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    still untranslated parts (part 2)

    Maybe it helps you to improve the game.

    Sincerely [KK] Kazn (Server 38)

    PS. The most bugging translation is still "hinten" instead of "back" after an's kinda misleading and confusing.
    "Zurück" (The right translation of back) or "Schliessen" (wich means close) would be a way better choice.

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    Please swap "Hinten" with "Zurück"

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_4947.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_4948.jpg 
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    Please express your ideas and improve our translations in this thread. For those leaders who desire to help in translating, we’ll think of an "interesting reward to show our sincere thanks". thank you for your assistance and feedback!

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    tooltip activity points:

    Ausdauer, die ein Gildenmitglied verbraucht, wird in
    Aktivitätspunkte der Gilde umgewandelt.
    Damit können Raubzuginstanzen zurückgesetzt werden.
    Jeder kann täglich maximal 600 Punkte umwandeln.
    Limit der Gildenaktivitätspunkte: 200 000
    Heute umgewandelte Ausdauer: XXX/600

    guild introduction:
    "Gildeneinführung" -> "Gildenbeschreibung" or Gildeninformation" or "Gildenvorstellung"

    at Leader tooltip quit guild : "Gilde beenden" -> "Gilde verlassen"

    at raid instances overview:
    "Kapitel 8 - Die Die Nedan-Rollen" -> "Kapitel 8 - Die Nedan-Rollen"
    "7-tägiger Bonus" -> "7-Tage Bonus"

    equip items:
    "An Ausgerüsteten gebunden" -> "Beim Anlegen gebunden" or "Wird beim Anlegen gebunden"

    manage members 7 Day Contribution:
    "7-tägige-Verteilung: XXXX Aktivitätspunkte" -> "7-Tage Aktivität: XXXX Punkte"

    raid instance log:
    {NAME} {date} {time}: {x} "erzielt" -> "erhalten"
    but generaly in EN/US and DE the syntax is completely wrong.
    "Master 5.4 4: 1 erzielt" -> "Master 5.4. 4:00 Uhr: 1 erhalten"
    or just use: (because its always one item):
    {Name}. Erhalten am {date} um {time}.

    Sell dwarf items at shop:
    "Verdienst" -> "Erhalte"

    booty cave headings:
    "Dwarf's Lab" -> "Zwergenlabor"
    "Dragon's Booty Cave" -> "Drachenhöhle" or "Drachenhort"
    "Goblin's Treasury" -> "Goblin Schatz"

    team setup:
    "Front" -> ok but "Vorne" is better (fits better to "Hinten")
    "Mitte" -> ok
    "Zurück" -plz!> "Hinten"

    "Einen Helden auswählen" -> "Bitte wähle einen Helden aus." or "Wähle einen Helden"

    "Schwieriger Modus" -> "Schwerer Modus"
    "Schwierig" -> "Schwer"

    if there is no loot with a ticket:
    "Es wurden keine Objekte zurückgelassen." -> "Es wurde nichts erbeutet."

    main ui:
    "Platzierung" -> "Rangliste"

    "Wie bekommt man ..." -> "Woher..." or "Woher bekommt man..."
    liste of possible drops:
    "Schritte:" -> "Quellen:" (also fits to soulstones etc.) or "Fundorte:" (only for Chapters)
    "So bekommst du:" -> "Quellen:"

    item tooltip at campagne for example:
    "(Dein/e: XXX)" -> "(Im Besitz: XXX)" or "(Auf Lager: XXX)"

    DeTheta introduction:
    "Magierin" - no female dwarfs please! -> "Magier"
    introduction in generel here means not
    "Einführung" -but> "Beschreibung"

    so far, tbc:

    ID 11248059 / #75 Bokka

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