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Thread: Frustrating - No remove button for War troops in Hall of War

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    Frustrating - No remove button for War troops in Hall of War

    Hi COE,

    Many times without noticing i have double clicked on troops in Hall of war and all my goods are gone for War troops .
    Why is't there a remove button unlike in Rally spot.
    It's very frustrating . Please add the button.


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    Rather than asking these goofs to change something that isn't really broken is probably not a real good move. For one thing, any change they make will surely cause waaaaay more problems. For another (based on their response track record), it's probably a futile request anyway.

    Maybe it'd be simpler to just cut back on the caffeine, to provide better control of that itchy trigger finger.

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    A free way to cancel troops in the HoW queue would be a (nearly) infinite, 100% secure good storage. Please don't ask for that.
    A confirmation button could work.

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