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Thread: Guild War Issue and the lack of options in testing new heros.

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    Guild War Issue and the lack of options in testing new heros.

    With each passing day, the number of new players increases significantly, which demonstrates the game's success in attracting new players. However, to keep the old players excited, it is necessary that you continue listening to the community, as you guys have been doing so far.*

    Id like to state my point of view about the dynamics of the game, which often causes the old players, give up playing.*

    I'm talking about the lack of options in testing new heros.*

    The dynamics of the game, does not allow us to know all heros in the beginning. This is a big problem, because this way, it is not possible to make good decisions for the future, or maximize the strategy for getting your line. This would avoid a lot of wasted time and frustration.*

    When we reach higher levels, the cost of testing new heros grows exponentially which makes this practice unviable. Since it is necessary to focus on the arena, crusade, and maintain a team of 12-15 heros to finish it.*

    So, all your efforts, time and money are directed towards these three factors (arena + crusade and heros maintenance)*

    Consequently, there is no development of new strategies, almost all players follow the top 10 and that's why there is no variety of heros and strategies, which would bring more dynamics to the game.*

    In other words, players who cannot spend much money, never end up leaving this cycle. Haven't the opportunity to develop new heroes and strategies that will get him into ladder victories through his skill in assembling a team with synergy and that can stand* out the players that spend a lot of money to maintain the sameness of the game, copying the line of the top 50.

    What actually happens is that money today stands out the strategy, and that in the long term is bad, the game is not becoming sustainable.

    That said I would like to propose a solution that involves GUILD WARS.

    1)There would be a championship between GUILDA itself. The heros would have lvl set according to the admin. So low lvl GUILDAS could test, for example, the best heroes to low and medium lvl's and his future line transitions to high end lines.

    2) Choices of heroes by players could be in the blind, in other words, the players would not know what kind of hero was being picked, or even open. Everyone would know the heroes of the opponent. Same scheme how works Ladder (blind game) and the Crusade (open game)

    3) The internal league would have x days long. In the end people would be rewarded and the top 3 or another number would represent the GUILDA at the GUILD WAR.

    4) The guild war would follow the same pattern of item 1, where is chosen game mode, open or closed and the pickings would be made.

    I believe this way, all players would have the same chance of winning, not to mention that the factor, of those who spent more money in the game, would be set aside and would compensate meritocracy. For the game, I believe it would bring many positive results, particularly by allowing a greater dynamism to the game.

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    In 1.1 time i made suggestion what would fix many your problems. In that time i think people didnt understand how monotonic this game is at this moment. I did suggest people could equip what ever item/equip of that class what hero promotion allows. Example first promotion level allows you put any 3 green level and any 3 grey level items. That would help people to make exactly kind of team they would like, also difference between players-->more interesting arena. For me, who have been very unlucky with chests, i could modify my team more useable and dont need to wait 2 months to get chest and loging reward heroes.
    And i think this would also benefit profit makers way that, they could finally get sold some gears too. At this time its very useless to spend any money or gems to any items/equips.

    Second thing, replace enchant place to hero gear & skill reset place, where people can reset all items from hero and/or skills from hero. Again this would make game so much more interesting, when people can change and test new heroes and would bring also benefit when people want to test all kind of item and hero builds.

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