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Thread: I need MAOR gold!!! Arena, Crusade and other topics

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    I need MAOR gold!!! Arena, Crusade and other topics

    Hi all,

    I am going to share what i have learned about making gold and that involves other topics.


    first of all my account has so far:

    VIP 6
    LvL 64
    Arena best rank 1
    Heroes = 25
    Diamonds used per day = 500 stamina + 140 elite soul stones + 10 midas + ? = 650 diamonds (some days is more)
    Total team exp per day = 900 events + 240 time + 180 gift + 720 bought = 2040
    Total gold earned per day: 1100000 crusade (maybe) + 105000 camp + 160000 time rift (4*tr/7) + 25000 midas + 50000 arena + 50000 campaign + 150000 raid = 1600000 aprox

    GOLD & EXP

    So having 25 heroes is not an easy task, not getting them but lvling and skilling, there is no possible chance to do them all, game needs to take 1 of those out, why not lvling your heroes as you get a team lvl, what’s the need to be lvling each one of them? and then there is skilling, with the gold I make a day is just enough to skill 6 full and 4 with at least 2 skills full.

    On top of this you got to put some stars on your heroes.

    2 35000 gold
    3 100000 gold
    4 300000 gold
    5 800000 gold

    WARNING: Don’t sell potions

    Well this is something that only can be fixed by the game developers, but I can help you get almost those 1.5M gold...


    So you need that million gold out of those chests and the game developers are laughing at you while you cry out for more skilled heroes... ok here are some tips.

    First fight: this is a loading ultimate fight for the last fight. Whatever you put in this fight should be intended only for that extra damage you needed to down last team. I use wind master, lightning elemental, ember, ice mage, and a sacrifice tank like admiral.

    Second fight: here you hire a dk if you do not have it like me, use chaplain, commando and your 2 best arena damage heroes, hopefully old curse and veng spirit.

    Third fight: I load shallows keeper and maybe other damage hero on this fight and use whatever I can use to interrupt like shadow leaves

    From now on you are on your own to best chose your crusade team, but I use mostly my arena team which is fully skilled, lvl and enchanted, but make sure every fight has dk, commando and chaplain, if you need to keep your dk alive you better sacrifice another tank in a hard fight, I also take out chaplain if I need extra damage, make sure to use lots of crowd control.

    Last fight you will die, no matter what you always face a team stronger than you, I have to kill a lvl 67 with almost all heroes at 5 stars every day. First your team hopefully your dk is still alive, if not use your best tank and good luck, after that put all the ultimate loaded heroes in first fight and finish the job, if you come in with heroes without ulti up you will die too because your opponent will be fully charged.


    I read of someone who didn’t fought with his team in arena and he still had to face stronger teams in crusade, conclusion is get as hi as you can in the arena.

    You need those rewards no matter what. Diamonds are hard to get and arena is the best place, in my bad days I hit rank 20 that’s 250 diamonds and like 590 arena coins, but in the good days i hit 2nd and that’s 500 diamonds. You need both believe me.

    And also every time you better your rank you get diamonds. From spot 2 to 1 I got 1500 diamonds...


    For raiding I use for hard fights 2 tanks, for easy ones 1. I always use warchief because of the resurrectiln ability, but any other tank with good survivability will be good as well. Try using damage heroes according to the raid, if its 1 enemy then dont use area of effect, only heroes like sniper or leave shadows, but if there are 2 or more use AoE damage like lunar guardian or old curse.

    There are better compositions but i do not own bear warrior or dk to test out. Plus you only can try your team twice .


    Thx to the developers for these October events, I really hope this is a monthly thing at least because: we need MAOR gold!!!! and sadly exp...

    I apologize for english is not my main language.

    I hope this is useful to you all.
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