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Thread: Resources when under attack / attacking how does that work?

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    Resources when under attack / attacking how does that work?

    I was attacked in map and was destroyed at 40% so won but I noticed on replay it said resources available 200k gold and food when I had 3 times that amount and attacker got only part of it. Does that mean if I am attacking and win at 100% I don't get all the resources available? I attacked a player with 600k gold available which I got it all after destroying 100%. After 1st attack I attacked a 2nd time and there was over still 400k gold. Didn't want to be greedy by attacking a 3rd time but I checked and there was like 300k.

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    This may be sort of like asking if it's plugged in, but ... was the attack quite a bit earlier than when you ran the replay? Might your resources have simply grown a great deal since the attack?

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    I don't get all the resources available?
    Yes. You can get 50% of the goods from farms/mines and 25% from storages, so multiple attacks can be interesting (on map).

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    I learned absolutely everything about my question when I read this post, thanks to the author for the detailed description. I wrote my review on the , you can go in and read. Thank you very much for your attention and your time.

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