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Thread: getting a problem in plundering

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    Angry getting a problem in plundering

    i m having a problem inplundering i plunder like 4-5 times lost troops and the resources i took in plundering they get disappear after tht match ends
    and few more ppls having same trouble in my alliance just now so pls do something for it .....

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    So if i get this latest patch I have to use resources to build troops and then i get charged resources for using troops. Why would i attack anyone? No gain! Will have to consider whether paying money for this is a viable option or if I need to take my coin elsewhere.

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    Just lost all troops froze in match, no resources moved across for what ever it got before freeze, Cleo hero is slow on spells.

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    I belive we have fixed this bug. Thank you for reporting.

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    Hello Raymond
    There are still a few problems that need sorting out I believe. My experience of COE is becoming negatively orientated. I purchased 4 bombs and for some reason I now only have two?? I have just attacked a player but none of the plunder was transferred to my accounts. So far I have spent over 100 Dollars through PayPal but I am beginning to think that COE's popularity will be its downfall. Please give an explanation for these glitches but more important, remedy them. Or is it only our dollars you are after?

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