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Thread: anyone else have this problem with orders

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    anyone else have this problem with orders

    1. Elephants take a long time to produce. Saving goods by queing units behind the elephants saves some goods. using goods to produce units usually means the units will fill the rally point which means the elephants can't be produced because the rally is full. During the building I lost goods and coin ?
    I suggest an order switch for the length of time (max unit time) it takes to complete the order. When the switch is set NO ONE can plunder ?

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    You shouldn't be losing goods coins used to train troops once they are queue in barracks nor coins if your building is upgrading. What I have seen is queueing saboteurs behind an elephant or wizards to save goods but next sabs have somehow passed in the front so you get suddenly 50 sabs in rally. It is a bug experienced by most players. It hasn't be fix yet. I check all the time my barracks now before to go to next to be sure it is still the right way.

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