1. E-mail from Ember on crusade topic
I have some input on this topic.

I contacted customer support recently expressing frustration over the increase in difficulty of crusade. Before, I was able to clear the whole thing. After the update I couldn't get past level 7 on lucky days. I even faced a team one day on the first level of crusade that was 4 levels higher then my team and wiped out 5 of my fully maxed out hero's! Not exactly the definition of "ucool".

I recieved an email from ember saying crusade team match ups are based solely on your arena rank and power level! Good piece of info right there! Now since this is a computer driven device and has to run on a set of rules. Its is possible, not a certainty, that the players with 1 hero missing or different hero compositions then their displayed arena teams have figured something else out.

Its possible they have figured out the time in which the game checks for arena power / rank to determine the difficulty of the next crusade. By changing their arena line up to reduce power level and thus making crusade easier right before the check they maximize crusade rewards and leave a 4 hero, or altered, hero team for people of appropriate levels to face.

As far as when they do this switch and change their arena teams, two times come to mind. The first and more obvious choice would be 9pm. Arena rewards are sent out, crusade and arena shops reset etc. The second most logical time is 5am. the game resets all daily quests, crusade reset, time, and training instances etc. I have not personaly tested out the times yet. I just received the e-mail from ember today. I have however, changed my arena team in a dramatic way to induce the most obvious dramatic results possible. Throwing in 4 level one hero's in my saved arena team to test it out. I will post again when I have more info / results for everyone.

Hope this post has helped some of you. I know I was getting extremely frustrated with the changes in crusade without any understanding or warning or info on exactly what those changes were.

Dear Ucool.
I got a couple of suggestions when it comes to Arena and Crusade.
I will try to spare you the long intro. I'm currently level 54, and really enjoy Arena and Crusade, but there are a few things bugging me :S
You have created a fantastic game, but I find it odd as a "new" player that if I do good in Arena and try to go for the highest rank with my low level team, crusade becomes impossible for me to clear. My top rank so far has been 98, (600+ at 21:00) the day after, when I tried to clear Crusade, I stopped at wave 4.... Whats the point of doing good in Arena, when I got no money (Crusade main income) after Im done?

If I don't do good in Crusade, I get no money = no progress skills, enchants, items and evolves. I enjoy Arena to much to stop playing it, but whats the point?

My suggestions:

Separated from Arena, so that a player is able to enjoy both options of gameplay. Make Crusade dependent on level of heroes, power and item color. Example: Take my current level 54.
Wave 1: A player lower level, power and item color. Wave 5: Equal level, power and item color Wave 10: Higher level, Equal power and item color. Wave 14-15: Higher level, power and item color.
This way, you have a chance to set up a Crusade team and tactics, and Arena Team/tactics. More team setups, more heroes used, equal more need for money and gems = making you more Money. The fact is, that it is extreamly expensive to level up a new heroe, and once you do and then discover he/she is no good, 3-5days of "Work" is lost. 

Make Arna a "solo" game, where players can challenge the ladder, and have a chance of the going for the higher ranked rewards. Instead of "lowering you team rating" so you can clear Crusade the NeXT day....

Duels: create a platform where players are able to duel either Better or worse players based on Hero level, power and hero color. To have a platform where you can test out different tactics for Arena, having 3 tanks, going 4 dps 1 tank. 2 tanks and a healer and so on. Have a system to test out the heroes you dont own yet, to be able to know better who to go for. You have created a game where old is in high demand, and you need a lot of it, to be able to test out new heroes.
Lets say I want to test out a new team setup for Arena, I have to spend money on leveling all 4 skills up. Around 54 sill points for the first 2 skills, and another 32 and 12 for the last 2 skills (based on my current level. Thats a couple of days work and savings for 1 hero, that you might end up not using. So why not have a duel system where you can test out combinations of CC, stun, healer and dps heroes.

Thank you for taking time to read this, and sorry for the broken English