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Thread: warchief help

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    warchief help

    I have a purple warchief lvl59 and I kept lvling his purple skill along with his green skill at maximum, followed by his blue skill and lastly his ultimate. Is this the correct order of skill importance for war chief?. I figured that he won't be using his ulti in arena since when he dies his energy bar resets. Can't Max all of them due to surprise surprise lack of money!!.. Thanks in advance.

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    In my mind it depends entirely on your play style and team composition.

    At his core, Warchief is a tank. You have him at lvl 59 you know. So I'm not overly concerned about his damage output from his GS. I'll leave that up to my DPSers. Will you use him as an all out tank or as a combo?

    What you lay out seems to be more of a dps/combo approach of P>G>B>U versus how I try to use Warchief as an allout tank going: P>B>G/U.
    Neither one is right or wrong, but this is how I break it down.

    Purple is a given.
    Upping Green next means you want damage from him primarily. But upping Blue next shows he is a tank first and an attacker second. As a tank he'll soak damage, but also with his Blue skill support the team in providing the life steal aura that may help them live longer recover from AoE and dealing more damage. Now he is extending the life of my team by soaking damage and giving them life steal.

    In the second scenario upping GS or US is based on his usage. If just arena his US is useless. If Crusade, his US gives him a stun at the start of a wave if his US is charged. Same goes for campaign. Though in campaign there are a million combinations that work when heroes are skilled even decently and it's merely a matter of best combinations to three star for raiding.

    Hope this helps provide both validation and a different perspective on everyone's favorite tank!

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