First here are my heroes Team lvl is 40
Wind Master 40 Blue+1 ***
Leaves Shadow 40 Blue+1 **
Admiral 40 Blue+1 *
Emberstar 40 Blue +1 *
Lightning Master 40 Blue+1 *
Chalplain 38 Blue *
Commando 37 Green+1 *
Arcane Sapper 31 Blue *
Cleric 31 Green+1 *

I read this couple of days some things on the forum and I found out that War Chief and Old Curse are very good so im trying to get them asap. Also i am trying to save up on gems because I wanna open 10 gold chest and see what heroes I get. I use gems to buy 120 stamina and to buy Midas and I do this every day. So with the heroes I got who do you recommend I continue upgrading who do I leave behind. Any strategy you give me would be a big help.