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Thread: Rate of 2nd to 4th skill activation.

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    Rate of 2nd to 4th skill activation.

    Anyone can tell me more about how frequent the other skills activate like is it based on certain % to activate or ??

    Thank you in advanceeeeeeeee .
    So confusing these skills activate with no pattern

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    Chaplain 2 nd skill visible

    second It throws her weapon to enemy.
    third is the "Convert" when you see the enemy tank atacks the enemy middle stage or your tank your middle stage
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    It seems to vary by unit but the general pattern is

    normal attack->Green Skill->Blue skill->Purple Skill(if its a active skill)->repeats

    Exceptions I have seen so far is lunar guardian who appears to use her blue skill nearly every time after she gets it, and every 4 turns one green skill

    Apparently most if not all units will automatically use their green skill immediately after they activate their ultimate attack

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    hero's skills has a pattern

    all hero's skills has patterns, but heroes doesn't have the same patterns. Many heroes uses A>GS>BS>PS>A. others have (What I only know):

    Commando = BS (GS at start only)>A>A>A
    Savage One = BS>GS>A>A
    Mountain Giant = BS>GS>GS>GS
    Old Curse = A>GS>BS>PS>A>PS
    and many more.

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