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rebalance psycopath too, his ultimate is so low damage and useless! you put a gambling system on his ultimate, and in fact, if he lucky enough, he can release an ultimate just once per match!!!

ever wonder you use him on crusade or arena as defender/attacker?
this is my reaction:
"OMG, my psycopath dying, but finally his energy is full so i can unleash the beast!!!"

but when he perform a Karln Shout, he didn't multicast, and the damage is just like shadow leaves normal hit.
even with multicast, the damage still no match with shadow leaves critical hit!

why you put fireball as an ultimate skills??
he will die in no time and doesn't have any chance to cast his skills!

this hero just like an useless thing in my hero lists!

(if your concept is like dota, then do it like dota!) psycopath is melee heroes who has high damage on normal hit, high HP, high armor, with fast skills cooldown and deadly multicast spells, so everyone who encounter him will fell a fear and need to kill him ASAP.

but in your game
Psycopath is just like a comedian or a clown who want to perform a dance and give you free 600 energy refill! LOL
woaaaaagh..... thumbs up!!!
you fell my pain brother....