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Thread: Need help ASAP.Can't switch back to my main account

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    Need help ASAP.Can't switch back to my main account

    Server: Server 8

    Character Name: Phantom Troupe

    Account ID: can't remember

    Device(optional): iPad

    Estimate Time of Problem: 10/12/2014 12:00 AM

    Problem Detail:

    Dear mods,

    I first started playing on my iPad which is tied to my gf's Apple ID then I d/l Heroes Charge on my GF's phone which is also on her Apple ID but for whatever reason I was forced to play on a new account so I stop trying to play on my gf's phone.

    Since then whenever I play HC on the iPad, the game will always ask me if I want to switch to Lv.1 account which I don't know how to turn that off and was feared that one day I would accidentally hit "OK" and today my fear has come true...

    Now I can't switch back to my main account no matter what I try there were no question ask if I want to switch to my Lv.52 account.

    Please help as soon as possible, thank you.
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    Dear Leader,
    Please try log in the Game Center with your Apple ID, and then switch to your server and see if it works first.

    If it doesn't, please create a new account on your old server, and then give us the follow information to help retrieve your account, we will bind your Old Account to your Apple ID and drop the new one. Thanks.

    Old Account ID(Or Character/Server):

    New Account ID(Or Character/Server):

    Apple ID:

    Best Regards

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