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Thread: Move on from Saxony?

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    Move on from Saxony?

    I completed Saxony with 3 stars each city, but Moravia is locked to me. So I completed Saxony with all moons - Still Moravia locked. Do I have to complete Saxony on 'hard' setting to move on to 'Easy' in Moravia?
    Is this the way its supposed to be?

    I have two more suns to get, to see if Moravian cities remain locked to me.
    Not happy Jan.

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    There is a known bug that affects a few players that bars them from Moravia.

    I do not know the solution, I think you need to contact Ucool directly for help on this.

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    Beating everything on "easy" is sufficient, doing normal and hard won't help. See this thread for the same bug.

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    We'll look into this issue. As a reminder please note the last city in Saxony is War Scythe, make sure you do defeat it (some players may have trouble to see it under low resolution).

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