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Thread: Super CrossBow Ammo Consumption

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    Super CrossBow Ammo Consumption

    Dear friends,
    ammo consumption needed some regulation since it was endless but now it only takes 2 attacks on the city to get the most expensive defense unit empty and useless.
    Please rethink and re-arrange ammo consumption... It should at lest last for about 10-15 attacks before they are empty. Otherwise they are not worth it...

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    But I gotta admit I love sitting there waiting for my village to be attacked just so I can reload my xbows immediately afterwards. I can sit for hours reveling in the deep and meaningful realm chat just waiting for my opportunities to reload my xbows. Instead of wasting goods on troop upgrades and recruiting, I much prefer loading those goods into the xbows and watching 100k goods get flung into the air to kill a couple dozen troops. And then I get to reload! WOOHOO!


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    Feedback noted.

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