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Thread: City of Throne

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    City of Throne

    How exactly do you take over the City of Throne? Also, what is the difference between the "attack" and "war" options on it?

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    With Attack you’re attacking City of Throne on your own, while with War option you’re attacking it with your alliance members (make sure you built Hall of War first).

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    I think that description is a bit misleading.
    With attack you attack with all troops at your rally spot - forget that, it will just defeat a single infantry at throne.
    With war, you can attack with troops in your hall of war (you can choose what to use. alliance members can contribute troops to your hall of war). This is the only relevant way to lower the amount of troops in throne. At least for the initial troops in throne, better go for 50.000 or more troops to do any relevant damage.

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