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Thread: Crossbows Reload

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    Question Crossbows Reload

    greetings COE team

    well as i see u put the ultimate defense and the strongest 1 "the crossbow" and u said (u'll be surprised by this ultimate weapon) .. however u put 1 disadvantage in this crazy cost, time consuming weapon which is the need 4 resources 2 reload and shoot ... well, its ok, i give up and wont ask u to remove that and ofc i wont ask u 2 decrease the amount resources .. however what iam asking here is to add an option of auto refill with goods whenever its empty ... as u know when players go off, the crossbow will run out of ammo after 3-4 attacks and will be useless thus enemy can wipe us much easier. u may add an option 2 the crossbow allowing it 2 auto-reload the ammo from resources stock and ofc for the players who dont want that option they can simply deactivate it ... hope u study this suggestion so u can improve it mates ... have a nice time coe team and regards

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    Idea noted. Thanks.

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    Well i will. Remove the reload on the supper crossbow or at least decrease the amount of goods it costs.


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    The talk in our alliance with players that dont have SCB, is are they worth it ???

    So you create the strongest defence unit.

    Then you change it ??

    I had 1 attack, and 3 SCB cost me 110k, more than what the attacker stole.

    Just like Sparty & Houyi, you give items in the game certain strengths, players work out how best to use them, THEN you change them.

    Why hasnt Cleo's charm or chains been changed ?? Charm can do as much or more damage than Sparty leap ???

    There is just no logic, or apparent direction in this game

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    If Ucool would ask their customers what they want or look in the forums they would know what to spend our money on !
    It seems like we take 1 step forward and 2 steps back on every change.
    New hero hoops to jump through ? Leave like it was and develop the generals we have and let us have as many generals as we want.

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